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Who Loves the Summer 2012 Issue? You Do

Cover to cover! The feature articles on mining exploration and using Russian H-bomb fuel were interesting and informative. And the ‘Inside Mines’ coverage keeps me up-to-date on a school that’s reaching new heights in...

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Hardworking Geologists

Karen and I want to let you know how impressed we are with the interesting and well-written article in the summer issue of Mines magazine. ‘Hitting Paydirt‘ was a fun-to-read, clearly written and intriguing description of...

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Megatons to Megawatts

I was captivated by your story on the role played by Jerry Grandey ’68 in salvaging the 1993 agreement to dismantle Russian nuclear warheads. I remember following those events nervously, wondering what would happen to...

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Current Issue: Spring 2023

Mines Magazine spring 2023 cover of construction engineering students looking at blueprints on a construction site

Graduate School Insights

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