Karen and I want to let you know how impressed we are with the interesting and well-written article in the summer issue of Mines magazine. ‘Hitting Paydirt‘ was a fun-to-read, clearly written and intriguing description of what we old desert rats do for a living. We loved the mixture of stories, showing how a combination of hard work, serendipity and romance leads to the development of significant new wealth (not to mention the thousands of high-paying jobs) for the world. It should go a long way to inspire young folks to enter the exploration business, and so we say, ‘Bravo, extremely well done!’ Larry Buchanan ’73, PhD ’79

Probably the best one yet. Love the geologic success stories, I bet that prompts a bunch more. Also enjoyed the interview with Mary McGill ’62; you had to be tough to be a coed in those days. And we didn’t always make it easy. Patrick Phillips ’61