I was captivated by your story on the role played by Jerry Grandey ’68 in salvaging the 1993 agreement to dismantle Russian nuclear warheads. I remember following those events nervously, wondering what would happen to those tens of thousands of warheads in the U.S. and Russian arsenals. How fascinating it was to learn that one of our own played such a pivotal role in brokering such an important deal. Congratulations for recounting this story so brilliantly. I was especially impressed by how it explained the intricate connection between energy markets, foreign affairs and economic policy. You can be sure that my students in the McBride Honors Program will be reading this story before too long! �Kenneth Osgood, Director, McBride Honors Program, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts & International Studies

Excellent article on Jerry Grandey’s involvement in the Megatons-to-Megawatts program. Good to do more articles on the uranium industry! �Ron Witzel,Trustee, McQuiston Trust Scholarships