Hello again!

I�ve been back stateside now for a while and thought I would give you all one last update.

I arrived back in the states in June, not sure how long it would take to get over my jet lag and readjust to the American lifestyle. As good as it felt to be home, I couldn�t help feeling a little �homesick� for what had been my home for the past six months. I�ll never forget the friends and experiences I gained during my time there. At the same time, while I definitely missed Austria, I must admit it was refreshing being able to communicate with everyone in the same language again!

After arriving, I was able to spend one week with my family in Houston before repacking my suitcase and heading out to Lafayette, La., for my summer internship with Marathon Oil. I actually had to return from Austria a month earlier than their semester ended to ensure that I could still work this summer! While trying to learn an extra month of material on your own is a bit intimidating, the professors were very helpful and accommodating, and they understood the need to return to gain valuable industry experience.

That said, I�ve spent my summer in a production engineering position for the company and had the opportunity to take HUET water survival training and also make my first trip to an offshore platform! I�ve really learned a lot during my summer here, and I wouldn�t have been able to take advantage of such an opportunity without the education that I�ve received from Mines. With a few Mines alumni here in the Lafayette office as well, we had a lot of fun discussing how the school has changed over the years. Mines truly is a one-of-a-kind school. It didn�t take me long to realize after meeting so many well-educated and well-rounded people who are Mines alumni that I made the right choice for schooling.

So thanks again to everyone in the Mines community, I know for a fact that we current students would not have the opportunities we do without your support.

I hope you all have found these posts at least somewhat interesting! I�ve definitely enjoyed writing them. Thanks again for everything! I�m looking forward to returning to Golden� nine months feels like WAY too long to be away.