Fulfilling one of the requirements of the McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs led these two students into unfamiliar territory this summer. Katie Huckfeldt, also the editor of The Oredigger, spent 26 days in China; Katie Williams worked for six weeks on an archeological dig in the Southwest. Here’s a snapshot of their experiences.

Katie Huckfeldt

Katie Huckfeldt

Senior, environmental engineering

Where: Dalian, Yantai, Qufu, Tai’An and Beijing, China

Why this trip: I couldn’t pass up such a fantastic opportunity offered through the McBride Program!

Moment of significance: Standing on top of Mount Tai and looking out above the clouds is something I will never forget.

Most important thing packed: A good book, we spent a lot of time traveling.

What’s different now: The Chinese cherish family and personal virtue above all else. Coming home, I took these values with me and try to better myself and my relationships with friends and family each day.

How to take this back to Mines: I realized the importance of culture in relation to engineering. To be successful you often have to know the community you serve.

Read Katie’s article from The Oredigger about her experience in China.

Katie Williams

Junior, chemical engineering

Where: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Why this trip: I’m interested in pursuing archeology in graduate school,in particular, organic and chemical residue analysis of archeological artifacts.

Moment of significance: Finding a Pueblo point while hiking off trail on survey [pictured].

Most important thing packed: My sleeping pad (the ground was really hard) and my trowel.

What’s different now: Before I attended this field school, I saw the world as sort of black and white, in that engineers do certain things and other majors do other things. Now I know that engineering and archeology can and do go hand in hand.

How to take this back to Mines: I’m more excited about my major now, because I know the classes will help me on my way to becoming an archeologist.

For the adventures of another McBride Honors student, whose journey began this summer and will extend throughout her junior year, read Kate Rooney’s blog, ‘German for a Year.