Miner's Pic Fall 2015
Many college students look forward to earning their degree, followed by the lucrative salary, followed by the big house. But Naomi Plasterer ’14 has chosen a different path, one that allows her to live small and give to others in need.

Naomi, who earned her degree in mathematics and computer science, lives with her dog, Lopi, in a 2000 Ford E150 van, affectionately known as Gunther. Currently a software engineer in San Francisco, she decided to make the big downsize when she realized how little time she spent in her very expensive apartment. While she enjoys the freedom of being able to go anywhere on a moment’s notice, Plasterer says the most gratifying part is having extra money to give to people in need. “It’s pretty rewarding to just have less stuff,” she says. “You really don’t need much to live.”

“Mines enabled me to get this great degree, which landed me an amazing job. And that has allowed me to make a substantial amount of money to give to the people who really need it.”