It�s been close to two weeks since coming to Abu Dhabi and it still never ceases to amaze. We are finally past the period of being the new students on campus and are starting to get back into a routine, which is very nice. Part of being here is mastering the bus routes, which I think the three of us have now figured out. A nice change has been having a half dozen or so friends here that I know fairly well and see on a regular basis. I�m still meeting new people all the time, but it�s nice to change up who I�m hanging out with (no offense, Rob or Cliff). On that note, Rob, Cliff and I have made a little bit of a name for ourselves after winning the 3v3 basketball tournament our first week here. I know, it�s not that big of a deal, but it was nice when we were waiting at the bus stop to go into town; another student recognized us from the tourney and offered to give us a ride in his car. It�s the small things that count.

Dune bashing in the convoy

Still taking every opportunity to see the country outside of the Petroleum Institute. This past weekend the three of us went along with about two dozen other students on a desert safari. We were picked up from campus in SUVs and taken outside the scope of the city. There were about seven of us in a car, including the driver, when we proceeded to �dune bash� around the desert. Some amazing driving from the tour guides provided quite a bit of fun and excitement.

Chillin' at the camp

Chillin’ at the camp

This was followed by a trip to a remote desert camp, where we relaxed and watched the sun go down, followed by some dinner and music before heading back to campus.

It�s back to the same old stuff during the week, though. I like being on a normal schedule again. Rob and I are joining ‘intermural’ basketball with some other students we met and we�re sure to have a stellar team. These weeks are flying by, with classes during the week followed by adventures on the weekend. I think we might be off to Dubai this weekend. I�ve also been talking to a grad student buddy about possibly going scuba diving soon. Who knows what lies ahead?

More from your three favorite Abu Dhabi students to come.