The New Steel Age

by Lisa Marshall

As the rapidly changing energy landscape calls out for a new generation of highly specialized steels, manufacturers worldwide look to Mines’ steel center for leadership.

As far back as 2,100 B.C., resourceful metallurgists in Western Asia began melting iron and infusing it with carbon to make steel. Four-thousand years later, one might assume we know all there is to know about the metal that makes up 60 percent of our cars, 75 percent of our appliances, three-quarters of our buildings, and the bulk of our bridges and ships.

Not so, says David Matlock, director of the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center (ASPPRC) and a professor of metallurgical and materials engineering since 1972. In an age when consumers and governments are clamoring for more fuel-efficient automobiles, and cleaner, more efficient energy generation, a renaissance of steel innovation is upon us.

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