Happy 150 years, Orediggers

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Inside Mines, Winter 2024 | 0 comments

Paul C. Johnson

There are many experiences that unite all Orediggers, whether you graduated from Mines last spring or 50 years ago. It’s the three-mile, early-morning hike up to the M with a 10-pound rock. It’s the burro galloping from the end zone to the 50-yard line and back after an Oredigger touchdown. It’s the ride down a nearly frozen Clear Creek in a hastily built cardboard boat during E-Days.

For the past 150 years, we have built traditions and signature events that reflect the uniqueness of Mines and celebrate who we are as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders. As we kick off Mines’ sesquicentennial celebrations this year, I hope you will look back fondly on your Mines-connected experiences, reflect on the impact Mines has had on your life and look ahead to being part of Mines’ future.

In this issue of Mines Magazine, you’ll find stories about the many ways in which Mines alumni are propelling future progress through their unparalleled leadership, determination and drive to create lasting positive change. These stories remind us about the uniqueness of the Mines experience, the distinctiveness of our graduates, the impact you and Mines have had on the world and the Mines pride we all share. It’s amazing that our little university in Golden, Colorado has done so much to make the world more prosperous and impacted so many lives in every corner of our planet.

Thanks to those of you who shared your stories, and thanks to all of you for following, supporting and advocating for Mines. I encourage you to stay involved, whether it be through volunteering, mentoring, investing or cheering on your fellow Orediggers—this year especially, there’s a lot to cheer for! I look forward to seeing you at our anniversary celebrations and other signature events this year, such as E-Days in the spring and Homecoming in the fall.

Go Orediggers!

Paul C. Johnson

President and Professor