The Oredigger experience centers around connection and community

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Editor's Note, Fall 2021 | 0 comments

In the years I’ve been at Mines and sharing its stories in Mines Magazine, I’ve talked to so many Mines alumni, hearing about their professional accomplishments, exciting projects, favorite memories and more. But what I hear about the most are the common experiences that leave a lasting impression on all Orediggers. These experiences are typically centered around finding a sense of community, whether it’s making friends on the M Climb, the camaraderie built in a classroom, lab or study group, discovering new interests with like-minded people as part of a campus organization, connecting with other Orediggers at a job or internship and more.

When putting this issue together, I found those connections within nearly every story. The alumni in our cover story shared details about their journeys through Mines and what made their Oredigger experience unlike anything else. Two Mines alumni returned to campus this year to launch a fleet of autonomous electric vehicles and shared how the knowledge they gained and experiences at Mines helped them through the challenges of the project. Other alumni shared the connections they’ve made with fellow Orediggers in their professional lives that have
allowed for exciting opportunities. The bonds forged at Mines are everlasting, and it’s evident in nearly every conversation and story an Oredigger shares.

After a particularly challenging year for so many, it’s been refreshing to welcome students and alumni back to campus and see all these experiences happen once again in person on a day-to-day basis. I look forward to continuing to hear all about your experiences, both on and off campus, and all the connections you make along the way.

Ashley Spurgeon