Alumni Note

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Alumni Note, Spring 2017

Dear soon-to-be alumni,

The time right before graduation is both exciting and a little terrifying. I remember participating in many of Mines’ traditions and longed to keep these connections after leaving Golden. While on campus, I was involved in different activities as part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Association of Drilling Engineers and the international office, among others. I also held on-campus jobs in the Petroleum Department and Mines Alumni Association. I still wanted to stay connected to Mines but in a different way now that I was about to become an “adult.”

Hanging out in Golden, you see people connected to Mines everywhere without having to look for them. But even when I was outside of Colorado, I discovered that whenever I wore some Mines apparel, I still met people who had connections to the school and who would start up conversations just based on the logo on my shirt. That was so much fun and a great way to meet new people.

That’s why I’ve enjoyed staying connected through the alumni association. Upon graduation, everyone is a member. Through their M Clubs and other events, the association provides an easy way to meet people where you live and at events around the world, giving you the opportunity to form relationships with those who share the Mines experience.

After moving to Arkansas and not knowing anyone, I decided to reach out to the alumni association to see if there were other Mines alumni in the area, and it turns out there were! Last fall I organized a lunch for alumni in the Little Rock area. We had a blast connecting and meeting new people from different majors and class years and while talking, it was fun to realize that, even though we are different ages, a lot of our school stories are similar. I’m working on planning an E-Days ’Round the World celebration for Little Rock, too.

Whether you stay close to campus after graduation or move away, just know there are Mines connections wherever you go. The alumni association is a great resource to use to get in touch!

If you’re ever in the Little Rock area, come say hi!

Alyse White ’15

Dear future alumni,

You are the newest face of Colorado School of Mines, and you will carry that with you wherever your degree takes you. Mines is a unique institution, and you will find that our experiences are significantly different from those of our colleagues from more “traditional” engineering schools. Your personality, behavior, actions and social media expression creates your reputation as a new professional and reflects on the legacy of Mines.

Being a Mines alumnus or alumna means being eager to continue learning and to never stop asking questions. It means being humble, especially in what you don’t know. It means stepping in to help without being asked and being polite and quiet when appropriate. It means being a leader and figuring how to best lead from your position. It means you will add your skills and passion to your new organization, and you will take on new ones.

As a Mines alumnus or alumna, you will have the support of a very passionate alumni community that is eager to help you be successful in any environment you find yourself in. In my brief experience as a Mines alumna, I have learned that I have a new extended family, always ready to help when I call. I have been so grateful for the opportunities and support provided to me by the Mines Alumni Association and the Mines alumni community. The start of my career has been full of unexpected surprises and difficult decisions that I never dreamed of having to make within the first year of graduating. The Mines alumni community has been my biggest advocate. By leveraging the opportunities provided by the alumni association, I have met other professionals and friends beyond the workplace. These connections have provided me access to different conferences, new professional societies, happy hours and other networking events. Most importantly, these connections gave me the courage I needed in navigating the beginning of my career. The Mines alumni community constantly reminded me to not let anyone tell me what I can and cannot achieve and to not let anything get in the way of working towards my dreams.

I encourage my fellow new alumni to find something that makes you happy, challenges you to continue developing and allows you to add value. Get involved with the alumni community and take advantage of the generations of experience, wisdom and mentorship available to you. Get involved now, so that you can keep connections with your new extended family and hopefully pay it forward to those coming after us.

Finally, always remember, you’re a helluva engineer! You can survive the real world.

Melinda Krebs ’15, MS ’16