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Mines Cycling Team

The Mines Cycling Team competed in the USA Cycling Collegiate MTB National Championships in October 2017, placing second overall as a Club D2 team. Check out our latest Miner’s Pic to learn...

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The Trip of a Lifetime: A few thoughts on a Grand Canyon rafting adventure

“It’s a trip of a lifetime. The beauty of the Canyon and the chance to be on the river for a full week was a bucket list experience. The weather was perfect, and I loved sleeping under the stars with the soothing sound of the river. My philosophy for the trip became ‘no regrets.’” Judy Schoonmaker Former Mines faculty member “It’s hard to tell someone why they should go on this trip, because it was an almost indescribable experience. Leaving all of the ‘surface world’ behind and just existing and experiencing the Canyon, the river and my fellow travelers...

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Celebrating I-Day

Every year, Mines celebrates the diversity of our community at International Day, hosted by Mines’ international students. The event features performances and international cuisine to represent the various cultures that make up the Mines community. View photos from this year’s event...

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Great American Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 217, North America witnessed a historic celestial event, a total solar eclipse that arced across the sky. Over the course of three hours, Mines students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered on the intramural fields on campus to watch the moon pass between the sun and Earth, blocking the sun with 92.1 percent totality. Check out photos of the event below. View all eclipse event...

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