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Pursuing a Higher Elevation

Mines graduate student Ali Smith, who is pursuing her master’s in geochemistry, spent this past summer climbing mountains. With her friend, Aric Snellstrom, Smith summited all the 14ers—peaks that rise more than 14,000 feet above sea level—in the lower 48 states. Her journey began when she climbed her first 14er, Mt. Sherman, during a family vacation to Colorado when she was eight years old. She climbed two others on future vacations, but the challenge of climbing all 53 of Colorado’s 14ers—and eventually the remaining 16 in the lower 48 states) began about 4 years ago. Originally from Houston, Smith...

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Perfect Balance

Clayton Kramp (applied mathematics and statistics, Class of 2018) loves photography, because he says it captures important moments in his life. “Through photos, I can see the transitions I have had in my life, and they are a way for me to relive my memories.” Kramp took this photo, titled “Clay and Gen,” to reflect his life at Mines. “I really feel that Mines has exposed both my professional and academics-driven side, as well as my more goofy, active and energetic side,” he said. Shot on the top of South Table Mountain in Golden, Kramp set up his camera...

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High Grade

Engineers and scientists are constantly asked to find creative solutions to many problems and make improvements on systems we use every day. This creativity often extends beyond the technical, manifesting in more artistic mediums. Published each spring, Mines’ literary arts journal, High Grade, showcases the creative talents of Mines students, faculty, staff and alumni and features original art, poetry, fiction, photography and music. Selected by High Grade’s editors, these are some of the works featured in this year’s publication that they felt best represented the journal and Mines’ aptitude for the arts. To view all pieces published in the...

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Every spring, Orediggers take a break from their studies to celebrate Engineers’ Days as one last hurrah before the end of another school year. This year’s theme, “PreHistorE-Days,” took Mines back in time, which meant students dressing up in dinosaur costumes or constructing a cardboard boat to look like a vehicle from The Flintstones. This year’s celebrations maintained traditions that all Mines students—past and present—share and tested each engineer’s innovative prowess, whether it be determining the structural soundness of a cardboard boat against the bitter cold waters of Clear Creek or seeing just how far an object can fly...

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Running Back to London

Elijah Kempton ’00 (pictured center in the white shirt) completed this year’s London Marathon. He was no stranger to the city, having previously lived and worked in London for six years for Assured Flow Solutions, a company that works with energy firms to ensure oil and gas flows smoothly from the well and through the field. Kempton says the friends and experiences he built while working abroad created a worldwide network he calls on when projects back home, in Colorado and elsewhere in the U.S., require specific...

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