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Corrections and Retractions:¬†Mines magazine makes every effort to fact check information, but occasionally an error may slip through. If you’d like to request a correction or retraction, please call us at 303.273.3294 or email details to [email protected]. Include the issue date, article name and page number of the print error, or the URL if it’s a web-only article.

Accuracy of Information: Mines magazine is not a technical journal and none of the information provided in the print or online editions of the magazine should be used or put into practice without consultation with the appropriate professionals and/or referencing technical information. We are journalists, not engineers.

Obituaries: Mines magazine publishes obituaries for alumni, recent students and faculty who taught at the university for five or more years. The link above launches an email to a member of our staff. Please include an obituary and a high-resolution photograph with your email. A member of staff will respond to you personally. Please note: Obituaries may be edited to conform with length and style considerations.

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