Author: Ashley Spurgeon

Dreaming Big to Prevent Disaster

As the Persian Gulf War drew to a close in February 1991, Kuwait experienced one of the country’s worst environmental and economic disasters as Iraqi forces set fire to more than 600 Kuwaiti oil wells, which burned for more than eight months. Crude oil spewed across the desert and into the Persian Gulf, a mark of the devastating environmental consequences of war. The drama and tragedy of such an event certainly leaves an impression, especially on a ten-year-old. Shayma Amin ’00 was living outside of Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War, but when she was finally allowed to return...

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Retirement Doesn’t Mean Slowing Down

After dedicating nearly 45 years to Mines and being the longest serving female faculty in Mines history, it’s safe to say that Catherine Skokan ’70, MS ’72, PhD ’75 was—and still is—an important leader in the Mines community. Although she retired at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year, she is still very involved with Mines and its students. “Retirement means that I don’t have a paycheck from Colorado School of Mines, and I don’t have an office. It doesn’t mean anything else,” says Skokan. And her connection to Mines is something she is not ready to give up. Skokan first came to Mines as a student...

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