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Mining Omission

More than one reader pointed out that in the sidebar about the history of George R. Brown Hall in the fall 2011 issue, we inaccurately stated that Brown Hall was originally built ‘to house the newly established engineering...

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Reader survey comments

Mines magazine emailed a readership survey in May, to which more than 1,600 alumni responded. To complement the analysis provided in The Network, we offer a selection of comments that were provided anonymously by respondents in response to three survey questions.

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Rex Rideout

Promises Overlooked Congratulations to Mines magazine for serving the Mines community for 100 years. I read with interest the letter in Inbox titled, ‘More on Bierstadt Restoration.’ Noticing that an expanded article...

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Derek Sava

Comments on the new website: Great work on the new site! I’ve been reading some of the old issues, as older publications have always been interesting to me. I did want to make a couple small suggestions for the archive...

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Chuck Stone

Comments on the new website: The online edition of Mines magazine is a wonderful addition to Mines’ resources and a strong testament to the work of your staff. I browsed through some of the content this morning and...

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Greg Davoll ’89

Comments on the new website: Just a quick email to say that I really like your new format, as well as the content. I read every print version, typically on an airplane. I haven’t read it online yet, but it looks...

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John Thompson

Comment on ‘A Rough Road to Riches’ Excellent article. I worked with Tim [Marquez] in The Netherlands. Great to see that he has done so well. Lovely family. John Thompson

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John Kyffin ’73

Praise for Bridge Building Thank you for the very informative and enjoyable article about the construction of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. Mr. Zanetell and his team have provided a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution...

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Mines Magazine Reader

Praise for Bridge Building Congratulations! This is the best issue in my memory (which, alas, is not as good as it was when I was at Mines 50 years ago). Terrific articles, well written, very well (alright, extremely well)...

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Clint Eddy ’62

Praise for Bridge Building The fall/winter issue was one of best magazines Mines has ever published. I especially liked the article ‘Constructing a Landmark,’ featuring Dave Zanetell ’87. It was extremely...

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Ian Berke ’64

Federal Oversight of Hydraulic Fracturing Jim Classen’s letter in the summer issue of Mines opines that EPA regulation of hydraulic fracturing isn’t necessary, because it is already policed by state agencies....

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Morgan T. Townsend ’48

Thank you, Nick. Copy received and read cover to cover. Your editorship is producing a very professional work. My wife is a DU graduate and I see her copy of the Alumni magazine, yours is far superior. Morgan T. Townsend...

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Peter Werlin

From Bierstadt Donor’s Grandson We received the note you sent with the copy of Mines magazine that included the article about the Bierstadt painting. The story of Benjamin Briscoe giving the painting to the school in 1938...

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