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Technology Management

As an alumnus of the Engineering and Technology Management program and a Coast Guard officer, I enjoyed reading the article ‘Coast Guard Officers Find Unlikely Fit‘ by Doug McPherson [fall/winter 2013]. Similar to the...

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Ramona Graves Profile

In The Face of Petroleum Engineering, [summer 2013], Ramona Graves’ comments about the Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies struck a deep chord of disappointment. As a proud alumnus of the Petroleum...

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On Joe Gray, From a Cancer Survivor

Joe Gray and I were classmates. I knew he was bound for greatness, but never expected he would end up in cancer research. I am a cancer survivor and have outlived all expectations of the medical staff at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The lack of any pituitary function has been a life-changing event and brought me into an understanding of what is most important in life.

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Loyal Readers Write

After I read the spring issue of the magazine, I passed it on to my father as I thought he’d enjoy some of the articles. When I talked to him earlier today, he thanked me profusely for sharing it with him. He not only...

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I worked for and with Tom [Howard ’41, spring 2013, In Memoriam] for almost 10 years developing innovative mining equipment, including a backfill system initially used in South African gold mines. He provided much of the...

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Quantum Dots

I really enjoyed the cover story on quantum dots as they relate to breakthroughs in solar panels. It’s like getting an issue of Scientific American that relates to research being done at my old school. My only comment is,...

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Unfortunate Omission

I enjoyed Exploring Human Landscapes [fall 2012], but in the photo on p. 25 you show and mention Bill Clinton and Saunders. You fail to mention the great Nelson Mandela. I worked on the extremely deep gold mines of South Africa...

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Pride and Remonstration

After reading the story about the bell [fall 2012 issue] and seeing my uncle in Editor’s Take, we found a couple more photos from the past. My dad and his two brothers were involved in the bell heist and engraving. We were...

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Skier Safety Engineers

In the obituary for Donald Larson in the fall 2012 edition, it was such a pleasure to see that he had won the Robert Lesage award from the Rocky Mountain Lift Association in 2008. I know a little bit about Robert Lesage because he was my father, and also a Mines graduate with an EM degree in 1948.

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Reaching Out

I loved [the fall 2012 issue]. Great magazine. I always give them to kids in the neighborhood who have an interest in going to Mines.

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Who Loves the Summer 2012 Issue? You Do

Cover to cover! The feature articles on mining exploration and using Russian H-bomb fuel were interesting and informative. And the ‘Inside Mines’ coverage keeps me up-to-date on a school that’s reaching new heights in...

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Hardworking Geologists

Karen and I want to let you know how impressed we are with the interesting and well-written article in the summer issue of Mines magazine. ‘Hitting Paydirt‘ was a fun-to-read, clearly written and intriguing description of...

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Megatons to Megawatts

I was captivated by your story on the role played by Jerry Grandey ’68 in salvaging the 1993 agreement to dismantle Russian nuclear warheads. I remember following those events nervously, wondering what would happen to...

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