The Colorado School of Mines Center for Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Research, along with Hanger Clinic and Freedom Innovations, held a free, all-ages running and mobility clinic for amputees in May at the Stermole Track and Field Complex adjacent to the Mines campus in Golden.

This is the second year this event has been hosted at Mines, with approximately 40 amputees with various skill levels ages 3 to 70 attending the event.

Mines alumna, Judith

Mines alumna, Judith ‘Judy’ Abrahams ’98, and Dr. Anne Silverman at the 3rd Annual Mobility Clinic for Amputees.

The Center for Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Research develops innovative solutions for musculoskeletal disabilities, a vision in line with that of Hanger Clinic and Freedom Innovations, companies that specialize in prosthetic devices.

We were enthusiastic to host this clinic with Hanger and Freedom Innovations for the second year, said Anne Silverman, assistant professor in mechanical engineering and director of the Functional Biomechanics Laboratory.

“We actually had a Mines alum come from out of state for the clinic this year! She saw the article in MinesMagazine last year and was excited to give back and help out, meet and encourage other amputees. Judith ‘Judy’ Abrahams is class of ’98, BS in Engineering with both mechanical and electrical specialties and a minor in robotics. She was also on the swim and dive team while she was here. She works for Conoco-Phillips in Anchorage, AK, and is a triathlete. She lost her leg in 2011 due to injury and was excited to work with Mines on this event,” said Silverman.

webMEMobilityClinic-112Instructors included amputee and world-record marathon runner Amy Dodson and physical therapist and athletic trainer Tim Hilden, from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

Amputees of all ages and skill levels attended the event, including six-year-old Cavanaugh Kreb (pictured on the right below) as well as marathon runners and triathletes.

Written by Deirdre Keating