IM_JP_Osgood-150pxWinning While Losing: Civil Rights, the Conservative Movement and the Presidency from Nixon to Obama

Kenneth Osgood, associate professor in the Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies and director of the McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs, coedited this collection of essays that explore the history of civil rights in the post-civil-rights era through the lens of presidential politics, tackling the misperception that the civil rights movement ended in triumph 50 years ago. Osgood’s coeditor is Derrick E. White. (University Press of Florida, 2014)



IM_JP_Crompton-150pxThe Future Belongs to the Digital Engineer

After retiring from Chevron after 37 years, Jim Crompton ’74, MS ’76 coauthored this book with Dutch Holland about the additional skills required both in engineering and digital technology in today’s energy industry. Crompton addresses how the digital oil field has been affected by emerging digital technologies as well as the opportunities coming from the new generation of petroleum engineers and earth scientists; Holland writes about the obstacles to change in a large organization. (XLIBRIS, 2013)



IM_JP_Prost-150pxRemote Sensing for Geoscientists: Image Analysis and Integration, Third Ed.

Gary L. Prost MS ’75, PhD ’86, a geologist for ConocoPhillips, has published an updated and expanded version of this work on remote sensing and how to use it in the earth sciences. Full of illustrations from project case histories, the third edition contains new information about remote sensing, astrogeology, remote geochemistry, modern analogs, geobotanical remote sensing and environmental hazards. (CRC Press, 2013)