AN_Chadwick_decal-webNot that Miners are competitive, but when senior Jacob Chadwick spotted a Massachusetts Institute of Technology t-shirt that used a series of formulas to spell out ‘MIT,’ he knew he could do something better for Mines. He and his dad, Andy Chadwick, spent an afternoon in a diner during a family vacation last summer coming up with the series of incomplete equations in the adjacent illustration; line up the answers in the same order and they spell MINES. Until June 30, the alumni association is sending out these decals as a thank-you gift for membership.

“The E and the S were the most difficult to create, but not insurmountable,” Jacob explains. “We wanted to use a different equation for E than just rearranging the one we used for M. The S was a real challenge, too; but after some thought, we figured out how to represent each letter.”


Jacob and Andy have set up a website selling shirts and mugs sporting the

Can’t figure out the whole set? Look up the cheat sheet at