Blog_AlyseWhite_0337_webI’m Alyse, a junior in petroleum engineering. One week from today I will be getting of the train in Leoben, Austria, ready to get settled in before starting the semester.

It’s hard to think that after all the shopping and good-bye parties I will be heading off to Europe for the first time. Spending the semester abroad will be a great learning experience and I can’t wait to meet new people and connect with the other students coming over from CSM.

It will be difficult to fit my life into two carry-ons and one checked bag (especially since my Amazon order with the carry-on bags has yet to arrive) but it is nice to know that my friends and family will only be a Skype video chat away.

I’m so excited for this amazing adventure and it would not be possible without the support from my family, friends, and so many people in the Mines community. Thanks and I can’t wait to share this experience with you!

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