After I read the spring issue of the magazine, I passed it on to my father as I thought he’d enjoy some of the articles. When I talked to him earlier today, he thanked me profusely for sharing it with him. He not only enjoyed the articles I thought he’d be interested in, but also took great interest in some of the other features, and pretty much read the magazine from cover to cover.

My daddy is a retired farmer and a prolific reader, whose own college education was cut short by pressing family needs when he was that age. However, he does have three children, one grandson and a grandson-in-law with engineering degrees.

Here’s to more great publications! �Connie Martin ’73

Many thanks for sending me Mines magazine. I am not one of your alumni but wish I were! I read your magazine from cover to cover, always interesting articles, such as the recent America Reenergized�[spring 2013], truly a bonanza that will greatly help the economy as well as our balance of payments. I even read all of In Memoriam, a testament to the accomplishments of your graduates through the years. �Marjorie Eckman, future donor

Each issue is welcome. All are well done, interesting, the appropriate length, have appropriate variety and, obviously, subject to high internal standards. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. �David Montague ’71