Colorado School of Mines alumni had several opportunities over the last few months to stretch their legs and comfort zones with fellow Miners, most notably a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon and a cruise around Iceland’s magnificent coastline.

Grand Canyon: May 21-27

Photo Credit: Ron Wolf �69

Ron Wolf ’69 was one of 28 brave boaters who floated, hiked and camped in the Grand Canyon this spring with Steve Sonnenberg PhD ’81, professor in the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, and the Charles Boettcher Distinguished Chair in Petroleum Geology. Wolf recalls, “I was introduced to the Vishnu Schist, the Zoroaster Granite and the rest of this fabled section of the Grand Canyon in Berthoud Hall quite a few decades ago and have wanted to go down to the Inner Gorge ever since. The opportunity to make that trip with a group of geologists, geophysicists and other Miners was irresistible. At one point while we were headed downriver, an outfitter tried to point out a bit of wreckage from a plane crash high on the canyon wall. It wasn’t easy to pick out until one of the alums said to look at the top of the Redwall Formation. Who else would locate a plane crash by placing it in the stratigraphic section? And who else would get the reference? It was that kind of trip.”

Iceland-Land of Fire and Ice: July 20-28

Photo Credit: Valrie Pool

Sonnenberg also led a group of 20 on a seven-night cruise along the coast of Iceland, where they saw brilliant glaciers, steaming volcanoes, Viking ruins and some sophisticated geothermal technology.

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