Players and coaches: (standing) Roxanne Rogers Skeene ’83, Jeanne Koskella’84, Tillie Wilson McVay ’81, Elaine Bruno, Dawn Armstrong Tschanz ’84, Patricia ‘Trish’ Jolly, Alice Kuehn Murray ’83, Carol Ondrusek Edson ’85, Connie Barnes Groven ’83, Marcia Talvitie ’82 and Susan O’Connor. (Seated) Michelle Bell Brown ’85, ’87 (professional), Margaret ‘Meg’ Steinborn ’83, Bryan Allery ’82, Sandra ‘Sandy’ White Docherty ’83, Thor Sutan Assin ’83, Annamarie Mantei and Gigi Huung.

I really enjoyed the Wild Women ’85-’90 profile from the Winter 2012 issue. It’s a joy to read about these women and the friendships they’ve nurtured for such a long time.

The article states, “Many started the first Mines women’s club soccer team, coached by Thomas Wildeman.” Women’s soccer at Mines goes back further than the club started by the Wild Women. Bryan Allery ’82 started a women’s soccer club in 1978 and coached until spring 1981 (see team photo from 1981). We couldn’t get a team together after that, not until the Wild Women did so.

Meg Steinborn ’83 and Bryan Allery ’82