From Bierstadt Donor’s Grandson
We received the note you sent with the copy of Mines magazine that included the article about the Bierstadt painting. The story of Benjamin Briscoe giving the painting to the school in 1938 is well known in our family. He was an interesting man. Before getting into mining later in his life, he invented the Briscoe car, which became the Maxwell and was eventually sold to Buick.

We are very happy that the painting is being seen. I’m planning on taking my mother, Pauli, to the museum to see it restored. She was ten when her father made the donation to Mines. Several years ago, the president had my parents, aunt and uncle down to view it on the Colorado School of Mines campus. It’s great that it’s there at the Denver Art Museum, and thank you so much for thinking of us and sending the magazine along. We appreciate it very much.

Peter Werlin, Georgetown, Colo.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Lil Bradley for providing contact information for Briscoe’s family in Georgetown. After receiving this message, we found a Wikipedia entry on Benjamin Briscoe that more than supports Peter Werlin’s claims; according to the information there, Briscoe was a true pioneer of the auto industry.