Wendell Jones ‘Jones’ McQuinn ’46 of San Rafael, Calif., died March 9, 2011. Jones was born in 1923 in Greenwood, Ind., and attended Franklin College for two years before coming to Mines, where he earned a professional degree in petroleum engineering. In 1971, Jones was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Medal for his accomplishments. He played an important role in the American petroleum industry in the Middle East during his years with Stanolind Oil, where he started as a design engineer and was ultimately corporation director. He served on the boards of directors for many of Stanolind’s foreign affiliates, including Arabian American Oil and Iran Chevron. He also helped with the transition of Aramco from American to Saudi ownership. Jones served as visiting member of Mid-East affairs at Harvard, The Middle East Institute and the San Francisco Committee on Foreign Relations. He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Mary (‘Benny’); two sons, Doug and Paul; and two grandsons.