Harold ‘Herc’ E. Clark MS ’73 of Waldport, Ore., died on August 9, 2010. Herc was born in 1937 in Natrona Heights, Pa., where he attended grade school. He received a bachelor’s degree from St. Vincent College, and later attended Mines for a master’s in physics. He was an aeronautical engineer, computer scientist and mathematical physicist with an impressive resum�. Heheld a variety of positions with several large corporations during his career, such as Allied Signal Avionics, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, General Electric, Technisource and Hercules Chem. During his younger years, Herc played football for the Steelers as a fullback. In 1960, he married Patricia Donnel. He and his second wife, Carol Ann, spent eight years teaching English in Poland, and later he volunteered as a teacher and tutor of math and science in Waldport. He is survived by Carol Ann; children, Erik, Jocelyn, Shane, Mark Rocheleau and Laura Pederson; brothers, Patrick, Mike, Tony, Kevin, Brian and Charlie; sisters, Eve, Jean and Cherie; and one grandchild.