I have been reading with interest your latest publication regarding ongoing research at the Colorado School of Mines, and I note in the article about the Geology Museum that you will shortly have a moon rock in your collections. It may be of interest to you to know that the first moon rocks were examined for signs of organic material by a NASA group headed by Keith A. Kvenvolden ’52, who earned a PhD from Stanford and was awarded a Distinguished Achievement Medal by Mines in 2002. Further on in the publication there is an article about methane hydrates. The same Kvenvolden was at one time the world’s leading scientist on methane hydrates when working for the USGS prior to his retirement. How easily we forget the achievements of those who came before. He was also the tuba (sousaphone) player in the ragtag Mines marching band (1948-52). Oompah, oompah.

Weldon G. Frost ’52