On our last day in Cape Town (yesterday), we took a day trip down to the Cape of Good Hope, which is the most south-western point of the African Continent.

The day started out kind of rainy, which can be a big downer for a trip to the coast. To cheer everyone up, Heather and I hijacked the van’s microphone and played our group’s theme song over the loud-speaker. To join us in spirit, download Toto’s “Africa” and sing along!

Here we stopped about halfway there to take some pictures of a beautiful bay. On the hill-side across the water, there is a township sitting on what is now extremely valuable land. It’s slightly ironic that some of the poorest citizens of the country are now preventing the richest from having beachfront property! But, unlike the old South Africa, they can’t be forcibly removed anymore, so there they will stay. (From left to right, including those in the background: Matt Stillwell, Patricia Littman, Hilary Hurst, Heather Hunt, me, and Charlie Dyrsten).


Here’s just one of the stunning views we found at the Cape itself. The water was pristine, as were the cliffs and hills surrounding. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places to go!


Overall, yesterday was definitely a much more low-fey day after the heavy emotions of the previous two, what with visiting the District 6 Museum and the townships.

Today, we flew to Durban on the east coast of the country. We are spending the night at a surfer’s bed and breakfast with access to a beach on the Indian Ocean. Tomorrow, we head out again for more adventures. I’ll update with some details in the morning (hopefully) as the full itinerary of the rest of the trip is being given to us this evening. I had planned to have any intro blog, but given the internet situation so far, it has been difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill in the holes in the morning!