Arden L. Bement, Jr. is director and D. A. Ross Distinguished Professor, Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University. (Read his interview in the 2010 fall/winter issue, available at minesmagazine.com.)


Robert A. Metz is a vice president, chief geologist and director for United Mines and lives in Tucson, AZ.


Charles E. Stott, Jr. is working for Brigus Gold and lives in Evergreen, CO.


Dean O. Gregg is working for Miller Brooks Environmental and lives in Huntington Beach, CA.

Charles H. Reiling is owner/broker of Veritus Realty Group and lives in Bellevue, WA.


Don F. Wakefield


Richard E. Baxter

Donald W. Bennett

John W. Peters is a senior mining specialist for Skellt and Loy and lives in Mechanicsburg, PA.


John C. Schmidt

Barrett E.G. Sleeman is CEO for TheMAC Resources Group and lives in Point Roberts, WA.


C. Jefferson Babcock is chairman for Amaxa and lives in Hampshire, IL.

Keith S. Olson

William G. Rankin Jr. is chairman for UQM Technologies and lives in Golden, CO.


Edward B. Reynolds is president of Reynolds Energy and lives in Katy, TX.


Richard C. Clark is working for BND

Consultants and lives in Hammond, LA.

Bob Jensen has retired and is enjoying full-time traveling in his motor home while visiting national parks, friends and classmates.


Steve C. Brady is a vice chairman for

GeoBiotics and lives in Skaneateles, NY.

C. M. Holmgren is a senior engineer for Gaffney, Cline & Associates and lives in Katy, TX.


Jerry T. Laman is a program specialist for the state of Texas and lives in Austin.

Thomas M. Mauro is owner of Allied Consulting and lives in Denver, CO.


Gary J. Colaizzi is owner of Greencell Concrete and lives in Arboles, CO.

James S. Herb is a sales and marketing manager for Michigan Wire Processing and lives in Lowell, MI.


Rodney J. Eichler is president and chief operating officer of Apache Corporation and lives in Centennial, CO.

Robert F. Lucht is president of Petroleum Testers, and lives in Cheyenne, WY.

Charlie McNeil and his wife, Judy, were named 2010 Man & Woman of the Year by The Villager, a newspaper serving south Metro Denver. A link to the article is provided on minesmagazine.com under Web Extras.

Robert R. Roberts is risk & reliability engineer for Roberts & Roberts Risk Engineering & Management, of which he is the sole proprietor. He lives in San Diego, CA.

Robert W. Wiley is a head of research for Apex Spectral Technology and lives in Sugar Land, TX.


Christopher H. Cox

David L. Frederick is working for Garnett Corporation and lives in Tulsa, OK.

Thomas J. Holloran is president of ICT Economics and lives in Parker, CO.

Michael G. Long

William J. Ruppert, Jr. is president of Ruppert Comann Associates and lives in Centennial, CO.

Oral D. Staman is a team manager � planning & requirements group for the Federal Aviation Administration and lives in Bellevue, WA.

Thomas A. Watkins is an exploration manager, USA for Entree Gold (US) and lives in Houston, TX.


James L. Green is a project engineer for Rocky Mountain Arsenal and lives in Thornton, CO.

Carl M. Jensen is a consulting chemist for Jensen Technologies and lives in Golden, CO.

David M. Schwartz is a vice president of sales for Geomage and lives in Houston, TX.

Gregory K. Staff is a vice president for Babcock Eagleton and lives in Cypress, TX.

John M. West is working for Pajarito Scientific Corp. and lives in Arvada, CO.


Gary L. Bauer is a senior vice president, operations for Northern Offshore and lives in Lakewood, CO.

Charles A. Dowdell is a program administrator for City of Waco Solid Waste Services and lives in Fort Worth, TX.

Ronald D. Drake is a senior program manager for EPC Consultants and lives in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Robert C. Koltz is a senior process engineer for Bechtel Group and lives in Longmont, CO.

C. Brock O?Kelley is a technology director for Molycorp Minerals and lives in Golden, CO.


Robert J. Green is manager � production for BHP Billiton Petroleum and lives in Farmington, NM.

Frank J. Koss is working for Hewlett-Packard Company and lives in Plano, TX.

Richard D. Rein is a study manager � Jansen Project for BHP Billiton Petroleum and lives in Evergreen, CO.

Rodney W. Roberts is a resource manager for Halliburton Energy Services and lives in Missouri City, TX.

S. Arthur Stewart is Denver manager of engineering for New Tech Engineering and lives in Littleton, CO.


Steven R. Gasser is a smelter manager for ASARCO and lives in Oro Valley, AZ.

Michiel J. Hanou is an earth sciences lead/consultant for Chevron and lives in Lafayette, LA.

Andrew T. Hunter is a research program manager for H. R. L. Laboratories and lives in Woodland Hills, CA.

David Stuart has retired from Husky Energy and is now living in Peachland, BC, Canada.

Richard P. Wilson, Jr. is working for Wilson Metallurgical Labs and lives in Webster, TX.


Bruce K. Clements is president � Cerro Verde for Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold and lives in Prescott, AZ.

Andrea T. Hart is a project manager for Nemont Telephone Cooperative and lives in Billings, MT.

Steven C. Phifer is an environmental engineer for Springfield Coal Company and lives in Cypress, TX.

Michael D. Pope is a construction engineer for Los Alamos National Laboratory and lives in Santa Fe, NM.

Michael E. Ward is gulf coast operations supervisor for Pierce and Petersen Company and lives in Katy, TX.

Thomas W. Windle is a senior software engineer for Terrago Technologies and lives in Berkeley Lake, GA.


Tariq I. Ahmad

Michael L. Gamblin is president of Cambridge Resources and lives in Oak Ridge, TN.

Brady J. McConaty is president of Tabula Rasa Energy and lives in Houston, TX.

Juan C. Rodriguez-Ovejero is an OSHE regional manager for DuPont Company based in Aviles, Spain.

Frederick N. Williams is a fuel engineering manager for ZionSolutions and lives in Rowe, MA.


John W. Childers is an independent contractor for Golden Gate Graphics and lives in Lone Tree, CO.

Raquel Omaira Diaz is manager, oil marketing for Alberta Department of Energy based in Calgary, Canada.

Robert R. Griffee is an operations manager for CrownQuest Operating and lives in Farmington, NM.

Marcia Keefer

Gene D. Krist is president of CFM Company and lives in Littleton, CO.

Laurence G. Martin is a chief geologist for Comstock Mining and lives in Sparks, NV.

Andrew J. O’Conor is a principal for Fargo Lane and lives in Irvington, NY.

Bruce R. Rogers


Clifford N. Coury is a senior vice president and senior investment management consultant for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Jeffrey B. Jennings is a geological engineer/ economist for Harris, Brown & Kelmer and lives in Bismarck, ND.

Alan B. Ketcham is a project supervisor for AtMALL Corporation and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Timothy W. Lyons is a professor of biogeo- chemistry for the University of California � Riverside and lives in Riverside, CA.


Leland�D. Cress

Edwin E. Downer, Jr.

Clinton L. Harman

Jere B. Harper

Steven E. Irminger

Laura S. Klein

Don R. Ledbetter

Michael G. Malsam

Folorunsho K. Ojebuoboh

Donald G. Porterfield

Michael L. Ruggiero

George Taniwaki

David R. White

Scott C. Zifferer


Timothy A. Berg

Lynn Boone Henry

Dennis A. Caruso

M. David Clouatre

Scott W. Fromme

James K. Jones

Todd M. Lasnik

David W. Marcum

Ronald L. Miller


Kristi M. Accarrino

Bryan W. Bachman

Gregory A. Bruce

Susan M. Buller

Mark C. Canfield

Richard M. Cieslewicz

Tye R. De Mass

Douglas A. Donato

Joel A. Eacker

Charles E. Edmund

Celia McMullen Hadden

Byron E. McLendon

Carey L. Russell

Gary J. Sanchez

Lee T. Shannon

Michael A. Teel

Diana L. Visser

Ronald J. Wood


William H. Dears

Michael James Glen

Michael S. Haynes

Michelle P. Ingersoll

Edward C. Kilduff

Jeffrey P. Lee

Rodney A. Montney

William C. Sanstrom

Bret R. Siepman

Gregory Norman


Michael L. Stewart

Gregg A. Tripp

Jeffrey K. Warmann

Brenda J. Wolfe


Elden L. Altizer

Sallie L. Blake

Casey A. Brown

Paul C. Docherty

Michael P. Kozak

Michael N. Mears

Cynthia M. Pascua

James M. Thorson

George H. Wayne, Jr.

Robert F. Woods


Richard A. Alexander

Stephanie E. Benjes

Gregory B. Cederstrom

Patrick F. Daniels

Lewis D. Dennis

John W. Felten

Peter C. Gillis

Thomas Goebel

Erec S. Isaacson

Timothy M. Marsh

Commander Eric J. Martins

Lyal D. McCormack

Gregory E. McIntosh

Julye A. Nugent

Oscar E. Orihuela

John T. Pinckney

Heidi Linch Reynolds

Earl B. Wolfe

Michael E. Wotovitch

William D. Yearous


Kelly P. Coleman

Peter C. Dillingham

Gordon L. Fellows

Troy A. Hoefer

Clay L. Hoes

Nancy J. Lynch

Todd M. Pottorff

Paul E. Seyler

Pamela L. Spath

Mike C. Wood


Grant J. Bayless

Timothy M. Deignan

Andrea J. Gallagher

Rolando Grebe

Brian K. Johnson

Christian S. Kendall

Mark B. Kuettel

John E. Larson

Gary J. Lundberg

Gerald R. Mendez

A. Scott Moore

Erin J. Nelson

Brian P. Shea


Geoffrey M. Arbogast

William R. Arnold

Scott E. Biagiotti

Dino A. Domenico

Terry Fox

Peter T. Hutchinson

Betsy L. LeaRussa

Paul McElligott

A. Peter Schipperijn

Michael J. Young


Michael M. Davis

Bill R. Hanson

Stephen W. Miller

Kenichi Murakami

Timothy L. Sullivan

Shawn D. Young

Salah A. Zugail


Wendy E. Cowley

Brad A. Davis

James H. Ruble III

Trey White


Christopher E. Elmer

David C. Haines

Cynthia C. Hoppe

Matthew H. Main

Victor T. Massey

Keith Eugene Miller, Jr.

George E. Ogden III

Penny J. Pettigrew

Robert E. Poirrier, Jr.

Rick V. Rosser, Jr.


David J. Anderson

Leslie A. Baski

Mark R. Gwaltney

Richard P. Lane

Robin Simmons

Russell E. Stands-Over-


Bradley B. Williams


Gillian H. Cain

Scott K. Pozder

Corey F. Hartwig

Robert Patlovany


George D. Langstaff

Mark E. Maloney

Jeff S. Piquette

Hatem Rakrouki

Brian C. Wiesner

Norio Yuki


Andrew D. Aichlmayr

Diana K. Anderson

Ramon C. Bargas

Gary R. Campbell

Miguel A. Contreras

Darvin H. Jones

Kendra L. Lema

Diana Light

Anjali K. MacDonald

Gloria J. Philpott

C. Jason Pinto

Craig T. Sakata

Raul D. Varela

Christina R. Vessely


Richard A. Ernst

Scott L. Foss

Christopher M. Gilbert

Karen E. Harris

Megan L. Keefe

Fernando A. Menendez

Matthew Sarles

David M. Scobel

Michelle J. Shah

Scott E. Sheely

Jason M. Tracewell

David B. Wait

Dale A. Znamenacek


Matthew Todd Anderson

Thomas P. Cawley IV

Joseph A. Dodds

Michael P. Dolan

Michael D. Fields

Toby J. Harkless

James C. Harr

Jonathan P. Jaffe

Raul E. Lema

Ronald R. LePlatt, Jr.

Robert W. Potter

Frederick S. Wegert


Robert D. Clark

Abraham M. Emond

Corinna A. Fenton

Daniel J. Grunwald

David R. Hammond

Samuel B. Johnson

Aaron M. Martinsen

Edward J. McDonald IV

Thomas H. Phare

Raphael R.G.M. Pieters

James A. Plutt

Matthew J. Showalter

Michael D. Spruiell

Nathan A. Wanstrath

Russell S. Wurth


Pedro L. Alonso Lopez

Magdalina Boogaard

Jason A. Brucker

Capt. Joseph I. Gilbert

Nathaniel P. Graf

Grant W. Kaster

Mark C. Moon

Nickolus R. Pigott

Christophe G.P. Ponsart

Lia N. Sedillos

Jacob W. Shumway

Christian J. Sutton

Jafar Tabaian

Matthew J. Willeford

John D. Zeise


Jacob J. Benson

Jonathan E. Buczkowski

C. Kirk Craig

Christopher D. Edwards

Brian K. Hayden

Burt A. Holland

Clinton M. Johnson

Nathan M. Mascarenas

Galin W. Nelson

Paula A. Oransky

Michael T. Seman

Channing L. Sparks

Merle J. Van Houten

Nathaniel R. Walker

Kevin M. Walters


Marco I. Alvarez-Bastos

Jessica J. Della Croce

James R. Hawbaker

Kevin C. Janowski

Anna R. Merritt

Scott A. Merritt

Anthony M. Phillips

Leslie A. Piggott

Anders D.C. Rasmussen

Lora B. Saeler

Ryan D. Waterbury


Danny D. Allen, Jr.

Christopher M. Bradley

Matthew H. Budin

Justin H. Carlson

Brian McCauley

Patrick E. Mohr

Douglas R. Morris

Julia D. Oakes

Shawn P. O’Keefe

James Robert Oltmans

Adam J. Pennell

John H. Pfahl

Rebecca R. Rasmussen

Adam C. Rowe

Timothy S. Sorensen

Kathryn H. Soto

Drake A. Tilley

Mark R. Williams

Hector A. Wills


Alfred T. Aird

James D. Biren

Jamon D. Bowen

Jose L. Caceres

Brian P. Connors

Craig E. Divine Jason D. Gibbs ComTony Hahn Nathan P. Hart Heath R. Kirin

Richardo Labo Fossa

Johnny Lee

Richard J. Parker

Jarred Z. Tarkington

Angela K. Yoshino


Justin D. Anderson

Benjamin Z. Anglen

Lars-Erik Boehnke

Michael W. Breon

Kathryn Kangas Carney

Nicholas D. Fetig

Matthew D. Hermsen

Brandy Howard

Lon A. Hutt

Sahar A. Idwan

Candra H. Janova

Nicolas G. Jonard

James E. Kopp

Blake E. McMullin

Christopher W. Mielke

Andrew M. Montano

ChangSoo Moon

Michelle A. Moorman

Rebekah Mullen

Christopher E. Schneider

Piers T. Wendlandt

Christine White

Andrew T. Zimmerman


Edy M. Barillas

Tiffany D. Burton

Sean T. Cavanagh

Andrew N. Cavendor

Stephanie L. Cook

Theodore J. DeKowzan

David L. Graham

Scott M. Greenburg

Ronald Gutierrez

Piper L. Howell

Eric R. Hower

Donald Lee Keck II

Jennifer E. Leisch

Jennifer M. Livermore

Matthew E. Mientka

Jason K. Millheim

Sammy R. Nelson

Aaron J. Oakley

Rachel R. Stecklein

Austin A. Wagner

Phillip P. Zelenak


Abdulaziz M. Alfakhri

Laurie R. Derrick

Richard M. Diaz

Daniel M. Frary

Heather N. Frenier

Matthew P. Hergert

Joel W. Longtine

Haley M. Martinez

Ryan T. Mills

Jonathan K. Nahil

Lawrence D. Nemetz

Melanie A. Peddle

Christopher M. Seick

Lindsay A. Seick

Daniel K. Steele

Nikolas A. Sunde

Desiree T. Wentland


Luis A. Agapito Tito

Breanna L. Alexander

Sean M. Brune

Teresa Lynn D’Eletto

Alexis G. Dobrinen

Joel N Duenow

Andrew S. Gerlings

John W. Grubb

Adam M. Hanna

Dustin R. Jabin

Jason C. Kaufman

Brent A. Koren

Joshua M. Lau

Mariya Lein

George C. Luzniak Jr.

Roberta D. Martinez-Hernandez

Alvaro M. Montenegro

Henry V. Mowry

Connor J. Moyer

Laura E. Nicholas

Michael Phillips

Amanda Schulte

Danielle R. Sheffield

Ivayla M. Tomova

Brandon M. Turman

Daniel I. Welsh

Wentz R. Wensel

Benjamin N. Zapp


Ahmed A. Alsaleh

Alex S. Bentz

Don A. Burton

Arianne Dean

Cesar E. de la Riva�Espinoza

Megan E. Freienmuth

Matthew R. Harris

Sean P. Harvey

Brittney L. Blake Hyden

Jared D. King

Kaitlin J. McGovern

Luca Morandi

Jaclyn J. Raskay

Joseph A. Ricotta

Yegor G. Se

Daniel B. Seaver

Mark L. Wiley

Bryson D. Wolfe


Jason K. Alden

Masab Algannas

Ahmed AlZayer

Marilou A. Canon

Beng Soon Chuah

John C. Claus

Jessica L. Craig

Emilyanne Dalton

K. Daniel Kite

Jacqueline S. Lagen

Barrett A. Lavergne

Michael P. Marlow

Anthony J. Montalvo

Austin J. Powell

Megan E. Reimer

Aaron M. Swift

Michael T. Tedeschi

Arthur C. Wardlaw III


Joseph R. Zeimen