Geologist in charge

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Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan is the new Colorado State Geologist and director of the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS).

A Colorado School of Mines alum, Morgan took the reins of the state government agency in September. He previously served as CGS’ deputy director and senior research geologist.

The Colorado Geological Survey has been part of Mines since 2013 when the state of Colorado transferred the agency to the university. 

Morgan has worked for CGS since 1996 in a variety of roles. He holds a master’s degree in geology from Mines and a bachelor’s degree in geology from the New Mexico Institute of Technology. 

An active promoter of geosciences and STEM activities to Colorado schools and organizations, Morgan has authored or contributed to more than 100 journals, reports, maps and proceedings volumes on topics ranging from geomorphology, minerals, landslides, earthquakes and meteorites.

Morgan recently received the GSA/AASG John C. Frye Memorial Award for his work on the CGS publication, The West Salt Creek Landslide: A Catastrophic Rockslide and Rock/Debris Avalanche in Mesa County, Colorado. He continues to work on many scientific projects and manages the Geologic Mapping Program for Colorado.

Among Morgan’s goals as director is to promote CGS, expand programs and diversify the CGS project portfolio—including groundwater resources and the areas of carbon capture and sequestration, and geothermal energy—and continue to more closely integrate into Mines. 

“The Colorado Geological Survey is now part of a world-class science and engineering institution. We have access to highly respected research partners, students and laboratories.  We are in the early stages of integration with the Mines community. Opportunities abound through collaborative research, hiring and mentoring high-caliber students, curriculum development and interdepartmental information exchanges,” Morgan said. “As State Geologist, I will be involved on campus and promote collaboration between Mines and CGS at every opportunity.”

Founded by the state Legislature in 1907, the Colorado Geological Survey’s mission is building vibrant economies and sustainable communities, free from geologic hazards, for people to live, work and play through good science, collaboration and sound management of mineral, energy and water resources.

One of its primary efforts is to help people live safely with the multitude of geological hazards that Colorado’s spectacular geology creates when people move into nature. CGS is required by statute to review geologic reports done for new developments in unincorporated parts of counties and for all new school construction or critical facilities.