Teaching the keys to success

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Alumni Network, Winter 2021 | 0 comments

Mines graduates are widely known for their hard work, resilience and technical prowess, with many building successful businesses and leading game-changing innovations that help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. And thanks to the generous support of Charles “Charlie” McNeil ’71 and his wife, Judy, the next generation of Mines innovators will have an even bigger leg up to finding success.

Here’s what we know about Mines’ latest move to support students’ futures.

The new McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will instill entrepreneurial and business principles and foster innovative thinking.

As the first component to be completed in a planned entrepreneurship and innovation complex, the new McNeil Hall hosts classrooms where all Mines students take their initial engineering design course, with top-notch technology and collaborative spaces to support and encourage students’ ideas and innovation. The facility comes as a response to industry demands, alumni feedback and student interest in ensuring all graduates are business-literate in addition to the deep technical knowledge they acquire through the rigorous Mines curriculum.

“We want our students to have entrepreneurial experiences at Mines and for them to acquire and practice the skills needed for success,” said President Paul C. Johnson.

Students will learn how to advance their ideas from problem to start-up.

Going into a start-up venture or building a new business is no small feat, but through the new campus entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, Mines students will gain the skills, techniques and connections to get through the biggest challenges.

The McNeils’ contribution will enable students to learn the basics and best practices of entrepreneurship and come up with a variety of concepts for possible ventures. Through the Mines curriculum and students’ extracurriculars, they will learn how to approach business and entrepreneurship from a problem- solving angle with hands-on experiences in addition to learning business theory.

For Charlie McNeil, the entrepreneurial spirit is all about “PIE.”

McNeil said he has always adhered to his “PIE” principles: persistence, integrity and excellence, identifying them as key components of his success and firmly believing that service and giving back are key.

“Judy and I have been fortunate as a result of our commitment to the PIE principles and through the entrepreneurial spirit,” he explained. “Mines continues to have the kind of students who have the wherewithal to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. We are so pleased to make this commitment.”

Visit campaign.mines.edu to learn how you can support the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.