Best foot forward

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Fall 2020, Skill Set | 0 comments

For many new college graduates in 2020, the job market became much more difficult to navigate as the COVID-19 pandemic halted many prospects and limited the number of opportunities available for graduates looking to find their place in the workforce. But the Mines Career Center has pulled out all the stops to help students and recent graduates find new opportunities.

We asked Wendy Winter-Searcy, director of the Mines Career Center, for her advice on seeking new prospects during a time with so much uncertainty. Here’s what she offered:

Seize the moment, and take advantage of current opportunities.

Don’t wait for what might be coming around the bend. With the uncertainties of the pandemic and the effects on the economy and labor market unknown, take advantage of the need for skilled professionals in technology and engineering now.

Prepare for your virtual job search.

Many of the same traditional job search principles apply, such as having a polished and professional resume and tailored cover letter, but you also need to become very comfortable speaking and presenting over Zoom and other videoconferencing tools. Make sure your tech tools are up to date and that you’re familiar with troubleshooting common issues. Use virtual networking to your advantage by updating your LinkedIn profile and increasing your connections, especially those you have some affiliation with, such as other Mines alumni.

Keep learning.

Take advantage of any lull in your schedule to enhance and build new skills and competencies. Increase in- demand skills and build career readiness through enhanced professionalism. Demonstrate that you’re making the most of your time and being proactive to become more desirable as a candidate. Your positive attitude and taking action to develop yourself will be appreciated by potential employers.