Four years and counting

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Mines officially launched the Campaign for MINES@150 this fall and invited alumni and friends to join the effort to solidify the university’s standing as a world leader in producing distinctive and highly valued graduates and the innovations and knowledge the world needs. The campaign aims to raise the resources and partners required to accomplish this and more before Mines’ 150th anniversary in 2024.

“We’re going to leverage our size, location and history—and then double down on hands-on learning, focus on professional preparation and make sure our graduates have the business acumen and other skills that are needed to be technical innovators and entrepreneurs and leaders in industry, government and companies that they launch on their own,” said President Paul C. Johnson at the virtual launch event.

The campaign’s launch comes at a challenging time in higher education, industry and the world. But as Brian Winkelbauer, president and CEO of the Mines Foundation, said, “Now is the time to show that we are Mines, and we come together in pride to create progress for this beloved university.”

And the campaign already has the wind at its back. Prior to the public launch, $226 million was raised in lead gifts and privately funded research grants for the MINES@150 strategic plan. But there’s still more to do—and a part for every Oredigger to play.

Support for students and the impact our graduates will have on industry is at the heart of MINES@150. Industry partners count on Mines graduates for their grit, rigor and teamwork, but want them to be further distinguished with strong business, entrepreneurial and innovation skills.
And hardworking, highly qualified students need Mines’ support to not only deliver that hands-on education and interdisciplinary research experience but to make attending Mines attainable. With state funding paying for less than 10 percent of Mines’ operations, students and families shoulder much higher costs than previous generations of Orediggers.

Support from Orediggers, partners and families is what will deliver outsized excellence for Mines. Their generosity will mean the different between “status quo and silver-plated,” as Johnson put it, referencing Mines’ unique silver-plated diplomas. By coming together, Orediggers can shape Mines’ future and deliver on the ambitious challenges set ahead of the university’s sesquicentennial.

Learn more about the Campaign for MINES@150 and how you can support Mines’ future at

MINES@150 Priorities

Investing in students

Students are at the heart of everything Mines does, and attracting the best and brightest remains a top priority. From K-14 outreach to scholarships, fellowships and student scholar communities, Mines will set all Orediggers up for success.

A signature student experience

Preparing future Mines graduates will require a combination of challenging coursework, workshops and seminars, practical experiences and mentoring for students to develop technical prowess, leadership, professional skills and a broad understanding of the world they will lead.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and business programs

As they leave Mines, all graduates will be well-versed in business after being immersed in a rich and thriving entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem across campus. Graduates will be able to meet the challenging demands they face in industry and society well into the future.

The pursuit of excellence and distinction

Mines has long been recognized for all that we do, from our academic programs and research to athletics and extracurricular activities. We want to keep it that way—and rise even higher.