The value of being global citizens

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As part of the MINES@150 strategic plan, the alumni association is excited to launch the new International affinity group. The group will work directly with David Wright and the Office of International Programs to develop new programs and initiatives that connect with our alumni who are currently living and working outside the United States. Look for more details in a future issue of Mines Magazine, and read David’s note below to learn more about Mines’ growing international community. 

–Brady McConaty ’78, Alumni Association Board Director

When I joined Mines last July as the new assistant provost for international affairs, I was excited at the opportunities it would not only give me in my career, but also the opportunities I would be able to help provide for Mines students.

With a focus on engineering, Mines students address difficult technical problems that demand a problem-solving mindset, which is the perfect fit for an international education. Students in our study abroad programs expand their resourcefulness and strengthen their capacity to cooperate across cultures. The students I have already worked with have returned to Golden ready to talk about new ways of thinking and with new passions for finding solutions to pressing global challenges. A semester abroad also helps students engage in the ever-evolving world of cross-cultural communication, gaining a skill set that allows individuals to better arbitrate the nuances of a diverse, global workforce.

These experiences help students later become successful professionals and global citizens, like we have seen in the many Mines alumni who are living and working abroad and changing the world on a day-to-day basis. Many Mines alumni have found success overseas, like those featured in the story on page 14, and their experiences are a testament to the value of international connections.

As a member of a vibrant community of Mines alumni scattered around the globe, international experiences will always be within reach. Start by connecting with fellow Orediggers abroad through your local M Club or participating in future travel opportunities. Connect with Mines’ Office of International Programs to build relationships with current students and help continue the Oredigger legacy of being industry leaders throughout the world. 

Mines alumni are prime examples of success and have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you know of international opportunities for students or want to learn more about the international programs at Mines, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

David Wright
Assistant Provost for International Affairs