Expanding learning opportunities

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Fall 2018, Inside Mines | 0 comments

Mines officially launched five new degree programs for the 2018-19 academic year. 

The bachelor of science in engineering will give students exposure to the broad fundamentals of science, mathematics and engineering while engaging in significant project-based learning experiences every semester. Flexibility will be a hallmark of the degree, with students able to build their own specialized area of focus or choose from one of six interdisciplinary areas—energy studies, water security, community development, robotics and automation, corporate sustainability, and music, audio engineering and recording arts. 

Mines is also offering professional graduate certificates and non-thesis master’s degrees in advanced manufacturing, focusing on data-driven materials manufacturing, as well as additive manufacturing of solid materials like ceramics and metals, as opposed to polymers.

In addition, the school is offering a new Natural Resources and Energy Policy graduate program that will cover both domestic and international topics, natural resources, energy and policy, and will work to link students to industry and potential employers.

The Integrative Graduate Program in Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering will emphasize the quantitative approaches to solving biological puzzles and consist of cell biology and biochemistry, applied bioinformatics and systems biology.

Finally, a PhD program in space resources will prepare scientists, engineers, economists, policymakers and entrepreneurs to responsibly explore, extract and use resources on the Moon, Mars, asteroids and beyond to fuel future space exploration, cislunar development, as well as needs back on Earth.