A network of encouragement

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Alumni Network, Summer 2018 | 0 comments

Before another school year begins, Mines alumni gather in cities around the country to welcome new Orediggers who are about to begin their college journey or graduates who are settling in a new city. Alumni are available to answer questions and help alleviate some anxieties, while providing new students with an informal welcome into the Mines community.

“By helping organize a send-off party, I can only hope to make new students feel encouraged by the opportunities they have in front of them and make their time at Mines rewarding and fun.”

Bill Warfield ’75 | M Club Leader, Sacramento

“My dad is a Mines alumnus. We actually started one of the first Mines local groups in Bellingham, Washington, back before there were M Clubs. It was a fun activity to do together with my dad and bond over fun Mines experiences. We quickly found other like-minded alumni in our hometown. It’s great to meet the freshman and hear about their decision to attend Mines; I have stayed in touch with a few who are at Mines now.”

Sabine Brueske ’94 | M Club Leader, Bellingham

“We had a fantastic dinner  meeting the Mines alumni and incoming freshmen of the Austin, Texas area. Listening to alumni talk about their experiences at Mines was so uplifting and made this Mines momma feel even more confident about our choice. I’m bursting with Mines pride.”

Diane Newsom Wells | Parent, Austin

Stay connected to Mines, no matter how far you are from campus. Join your local M Club and attend a welcome party this summer to support the newest additions to the Oredigger family. 

Visit minesalumni.com/mclubs to find an M Club in your hometown or learn more.