Engineering Unleashed

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Inside Mines, Spring 2018 | 0 comments

Mines is now an official partner of the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN), an organization focused on preparing engineering students with an entrepreneurial mindset who can create personal, economic and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work. 

Partnering with KEEN brings access to resources that will broaden and improve entrepreneurial education on the Mines campus. This includes equipping faculty with the tools to incorporate entrepreneurial concepts into the curriculum, as well as funding for other related initiatives. 

According to KEEN’s website, there are three core components of an entrepreneurial mindset, referred to as the “3C’s:” curiosity, connections and creating value. Each core component strives to better prepare students for their future careers by teaching them to infuse their technical skills with curiosity about the world. 

Mines is well suited to partner with the KEEN since both value the importance of hands-on experiences and creative thinking for undergraduates, which are already highlighted in two programs at Mines—Cornerstone (a freshman-year design course) and Capstone (a senior-year design course). 

Implementation of the KEEN framework allows Mines to develop new programs and equip faculty with the tools needed to incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset into initiatives and curriculum so students are best prepared to find success when beginning their careers. 

“A partnership with KEEN is a tremendous addition to the ongoing academic programs involving entrepreneurship at Mines,” said Werner Kuhr, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. “Mines has already integrated entrepreneurial training and teamwork into some of its undergraduate curriculum, and we look forward to working with KEEN to add even more content and capability to our programs.”