Oredigger Headlines

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Summer 2017, Web Extras

In our Summer 2017 issue, we investigated the history of Mines’ student newspaper, The Oredigger, to see the issues it has covered and how the tradition has carried through to today. Below are some of our favorite headlines over the years and provide a taste of the issues that were important to Mines students over the years.

Headlines through the decades

1921: “Miners Make Good Record in Manly Art”

1924: “Van Tuyl Writes Popular Oil Book”

1936: “Houses Awake to Find Trophies Have Walked Out”

1937: “Freshman Will Clean, Paint Mines ‘M’ Soon”

1939: “Lieutenant Hill Will Leave Mines at End of Semester: Transferred to Duty at California Post”

1947: “Giant Clam Now on Exhibit”

1949: “Lucky Canines at Mines Lead a Dog’s Life and Love It”

1950: “Golden Wants U.S. Capitol Moved Here”

1951: “New Burro Mascot Secured; Will Take Part in Festivities”

1951: “Mines Mascot Burro is Named”

1962: “Expected Enrollment to Reach 1040 for Fall Semester”

1963: “Beard Contest”

1977: “M&M’s Tailored for Martians”

1977: “Golden Hosts Tree Flying Contest”

1984: “Mines Little Theatre News”

1984: “How Does Fast Food Stack Up?”

1985: “Spring blood Drive to Flow Smoothly”

1991: “EPICS Program Goes Global”

1992: “Climb to be Over-Hauled: Political Correctness at CSM”

1993: “Engineers’ Week: Turning Ideas Into Reality”