by | Jul 6, 2017 | Inside Mines, Summer 2017

Every spring, Orediggers take a break from their studies to celebrate Engineers’ Days as one last hurrah before the end of another school year. This year’s theme, “PreHistorE-Days,” took Mines back in time, which meant students dressing up in dinosaur costumes or constructing a cardboard boat to look like a vehicle from The Flintstones.

This year’s celebrations maintained traditions that all Mines students—past and present—share and tested each engineer’s innovative prowess, whether it be determining the structural soundness of a cardboard boat against the bitter cold waters of Clear Creek or seeing just how far an object can fly when launched from a student-built trebuchet. Other E-Days activities included the annual ore cart pull to downtown Denver, a concert, field day and, of course, fireworks. Alumni were even encouraged to join the festivities with celebrations and get-togethers as part of their local M Clubs across the U.S. and around the world. No matter where they were, Orediggers spent the weekend taking part in activities that allowed them to blow off some steam, celebrate being an engineer and embrace the Mines community.