Perfect Balance

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Miner's Pic, Summer 2017

Clayton Kramp (applied mathematics and statistics, Class of 2018) loves photography, because he says it captures important moments in his life. “Through photos, I can see the transitions I have had in my life, and they are a way for me to relive my memories.”

Kramp took this photo, titled “Clay and Gen,” to reflect his life at Mines. “I really feel that Mines has exposed both my professional and academics-driven side, as well as my more goofy, active and energetic side,” he said. Shot on the top of South Table Mountain in Golden, Kramp set up his camera on a tripod and ran a self-timer to take two shots of himself and then merged the photos. He also said that the title he chose for the piece reflects his first and middle name. “I have always thought that my English first name, Clayton, brought out my professional side, while my Japanese middle name, Genki, reflected my active side—as Genki in Japanese, with different character combinations, literally means ‘happy’ or ‘energetic,’ he said. “The shortened version, Clay and Gen are the perfect mediums to balance out my personality.”