An Oredigger’s Truth

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Alumni Note, Summer 2017

Throughout my career, certain truths have formed the foundation of how I work and live my life. I came to see the value in my relationships and the opportunities I’ve had, the importance of e ective communication, the in uence of knowledge and the bene ts of being in service to others. I see these principles everywhere at Colorado School of Mines, and I feel they bring value to the alumni community.

The relationships we cultivate are necessary for enhancing our own lives and positively a ecting those around us. Think of the important relationships in your life: your family, close friends and professional colleagues. These relationships have a tremendous impact on the person you become. As executive director of the Mines Alumni Association, I work daily to cultivate relationships that will enhance the Mines community, and I encourage you to do the same.

These relationships will likely lead to new opportunities, some of which may be more in until than others. In my position at Mines, I see opportunities to bring individuals together through common interests, both among alumni and across the
university. It is through these shared interests that people are more likely to get involved in what they feel is important and worthwhile. As you look at future opportunities that come to you as a Mines graduate, I encourage you to make a meaningful impact, whether by mentoring students or volunteering on campus or in your local alumni groups.

Yet the key to building meaningful relationships and being open to new opportunities is communication. You can imagine, with 29,000 alumni, that communication is at the heart of the Alumni Association’s focus. We strive to be a conduit of impactful and pertinent information between the university and alumni through our interest groups, Mines Magazine, emails and more. Our interest groups in particular work as communication hubs and get alumni involved in specialized areas where the most valuable information can be shared and the biggest impact made. For more information on our interest groups, see pages 26-27 or visit

Of course, what brings us all together at Mines is a desire for knowledge. We all have a commitment to learning about our world and how we interact with our earth, energy and environment. There are many opportunities for you to share your knowledge through engagement between students and alumni as well as speaking and teaching opportunities. Mines students and alumni are always eager to hear about others’ experiences, which creates a strong community.

Finally, a quality I’ve noticed many Orediggers share is a commitment to service. Recently, nearly 500 students participated in the second annual Helluva Service Event, serving the needs of the Golden community in thanks for their support of Mines. It was a great demonstration of the Mines spirit, and I urge you to continue to search for ways to serve your community and Mines. By serving others, we gain so much in return.

I am honored to serve such a successful and impactful group of Mines alumni. Please let us know how the Alumni Association may work to ful ll your own values. Thank you for your continued support of the Alumni Association and the university!


Damian Friend, P.G.
B.S. Geological Engineering
Executive Director, Mines Alumni Association