No Ordinary Life Cover


Glenn W. King ’50 is the subject of a recently published book titledNo Ordinary Life: Memoir of a World War II Bombardier. Flying with the Eighth Air Force from Great Ashfield in England, Glenn was shot down on his 23rd combat mission. He parachuted into Germany and was captured and made a prisoner of war in Nuremberg. When Glenn and his fellow prisoners were forced to march more than 100 miles to Moosburg, Germany, they endured constant deprivation. A can of tuna, part of a Red Cross food parcel, was tucked in his coat pocket, and every morning he vowed to hold on to it for just one more day. No Ordinary Life, written by Sue Johnpeter, is the story of Glenn King’s courage and resilience in the waning days of World War II. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014).