Author: Teresa Meek

A Labor of Love: Caring for sled dogs

Some people like to celebrate getting their master’s degree with a vacation or dinner at a fancy restaurant. But all T.C. Wait ’93, MS ’01 wanted to do was drive a dogsled. Fascinated by Alaska’s Iditarod race as a child, Wait talked her mother into taking her on a weeklong graduation trip to Wyoming, where they zipped along in husky-pulled sleds. Wait liked the experience so much that she took her husband, Dave Wurts, on another mushing trip soon afterward. He liked the thrill as much as she did. In fact, they both liked the experience so much that...

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(Bio)Engineering The Future of Health: Using innovative technologies and cutting-edge research, Mines researchers and alumni work toward advancements in the medical field

When Colorado School of Mines first opened its doors back in 1874, no one could have imagined the school would become a hotbed for biomedical research. Today, the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department is taking advantage of the school’s quantitative and materials science expertise to devise cutting-edge solutions to vexing medical problems. And Mines graduates are using engineering inspired techniques in their quest to improve human health, from curing cancer to stopping the flu. Bioengineering, as it’s called, is an increasingly popular field of study both at Mines and across the country. Students are intrigued by the new dimensions...

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