Author: Ray Priestley

Exercising Your Leadership

To complement the story about the Leadership in Social Responsibility Interest Group, I was asked to share my thoughts on how my Mines experience helped me become a successful leader. By no means am I a pundit on leadership, so after accepting the request, I found myself wondering how best to sound somewhat profound. My solution was to change the topic to how each of us can be better leaders and help our alma mater achieve our common goals of continuing to train the world’s best engineers, support alumni and secure the long-term vibrancy of Mines. Engineers have the...

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A Note from the CSMAA President

In the movie Dead Poets Society, John Keating (played by Robin Williams) stands on his desk to impress upon his students the importance of constantly looking at things in different ways. That’s what we have done at the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association (CSMAA). We stood on that desk and looked at our world from a different point of view. And what we all saw was opportunity. Fellow alumni, I am excited to share that we are reinventing our model for alumni engagement and outreach. We will join the ranks of the most prestigious institutions with the most connected and engaged alumni by making our network inclusive of all Mines...

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A Note from the New CSMAA President

It’s been three and a half decades since, as we all say, ‘I got out.’ With the passage of time, I have learned to appreciate numerous things about the Colorado School of Mines. First, as my son James (MS Hydro ’13) told me about three weeks after starting graduate school at Mines: ‘Dad, you were right, this school is different.’ He told me this shortly after a less-than-stellar performance on his first set of exams. Even John Coors, when he recently announced CoorsTek’s gift of $26.9 million to Mines, began his speech by proudly sharing that he received a...

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