Author: Paul C. Johnson

Looking to the Future: [email protected]

What did you do for spring break this year?  Whether you’re a student or the president of Mines, more sleep, less email and getting away for a few days are always ideal spring break ingredients. Elyse and I flew out to Sacramento to visit our daughter Kaitlin, who is finishing up her doctoral program in chemical engineering at UC Davis. We also drove up the northern California coastline to The Sea Ranch, where there are about 50 miles of running trails and an aquatic center for me, and whale watching, bird watching and hiking opportunities for Elyse. Then we...

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3 Questions with President Johnson

What do you like to do in your free time? Anything that helps clear my mind from daily events, appreciate how wonderful it is to live in Golden and be part of the Mines community and spend time with Elyse. For example, jogs along Clear Creek or bike rides up Lookout Mountain address the first two. Cheering on Oredigger sports teams, attending Mines Little Theatre performances, feeding pizza to students and Tuesday date nights eating out in Golden with Elyse combine the latter two. During a holiday break, Elyse and I might binge-watch a TV series, and if I...

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Sparking Innovative Ideas and Building Community

Once again, we have kicked off another year here, introducing a new batch of Orediggers to Mines and welcoming back familiar faces. With the beginning of the school year comes a great influx of excitement and many events on campus, all leading to new relationships and innovative ideas from the Mines community. The freshmen this year got to experience Oredigger Camp in early August at Camp Como near Fairplay, Colo. Over 2 ½ days, freshmen experienced team-building, design challenges, reflective exercises and fun activities (including a spontaneous dance-off around the campfire I will never forget). The key feature of...

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President’s Corner

Spring at Mines has its own unique rhythm and feel. There is the unpredictable weather in Golden, many distractions from one’s studies (ski slopes, spring break, etc.) and the end of the school year is in sight. The seniors have already calculated the grades they need to graduate—and some are modulating their efforts accordingly. Alumni have told me humorous stories about how they intentionally squeaked by in some classes as seniors, taking great pride in knowing that it frustrated the faculty. I hope someday we can create a “Stories from Mines” archive to capture these and other unique alumni...

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Lasting Connections

It was great to see so many of you here in Golden for Homecoming. There were many new events this year, including the Alumni M Climb, the pass-an-old-class opportunity, a Boots & Barrels BBQ and music social, and my favorite new tradition: a pre-game giant bonfire that all Orediggers would be proud of and that could probably be seen as far away as Boulder. I will always remember the Class of 1966 alumni—with their bandit scarves, strong Mines pride and entertaining stories of their lives at Mines—and how much they laughed when Blaster suddenly decided in front of the president’s house that he wasn’t walking any farther...

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