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Mines Photography Club

At the start of the academic year, Mines started a new club for students passionate about photography. With over 100 members within the first few months, Mines Photography Club is becoming one of the school’s most popular student groups. See students’ photos and learn more about the club at...

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Hike for Help

Sixteen Mines students visited Nepal over winter break on a trip sponsored by Mines’ McBride Honors Program and an organization called Hike for Help to support the construction of a restroom facility and reparation of a local high school that as destroyed in an earthquake in 2015. Watch the video below about Hike for...

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Cover Shoot Outtakes

Mines students Trinity Wilson and Chase Li helped Mines Magazine with this issue’s cover photo shoot. In between the serious shots, we had a bit of fun, resulting in a few...

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The World at a Micro Level: Seeing What Mines Researchers See

Researchers across the Mines campus often see a part of the world that the average person will never know. Fortunately, using advanced microscopy, researchers were willing to share a peek at what they are working on, allowing us to see what they see while in the lab. 3-D transmission x-ray microscopy image of platinum nickel nanowire fuel cell catalyst when embedded in an electrode. Nanoscale chemical mapping of a catalyst for liquefying natural gas. Two photon excitation fluorescence image of a Yellow Fluorescent Protein labeled corn plant. Two photon excitation fluorescence image of a Yellow Fluorescent Protein labeled corn plant. Scanning transmission electron microscopy micrograph illustrating defects in a natural Brookite...

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Meet the Alumni Association Board of Directors

Hanna Aucoin Denver, Colo. Graduate Student Representative Originally from South Carolina, Hanna received her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a biomolecular engineering concentration from Clemson University in 2013. She enrolled at Mines in fall 2013 to pursue a PhD in chemical engineering. Hanna’s research focuses on making genetically modified cyanobacteria for the sustainable production of complex special chemicals and hydrocarbon precursors used in the production of bioplastic and biofuels. Hanna is also active in student leadership, previously serving as the chemical engineering representative and vice president of the Graduate Student Government. During her term as vice president, she rebranded the annual Mines graduate conference to be the Graduate Research...

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