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Shaping glass, learning science

Mines has a new glass shop on campus and launched a new glassblowing class this fall to teach students the art and science of glassblowing. Check out the video below to see students in action and learn more about the glass and corresponding glassblowing class. Read the feature story about the glass shop...

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School year kick off

Mines welcomed 1,380 new students this fall. Watch the video below to see all the welcome activities students participated in this year, including the annual M Climb, to kick off the 2018-19 school...

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Kicking off another year

Freshman and transfer students % underrepresented ethnic or racial groups % Women % international students Average SAT composite score Average ACT composite score Average high school GPA (on an unweighted 4.0 scale) states and the District of Columbia represented countries...

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Q&A with Olivia Cordova ’18

One of Mines’ newest alumnae, Olivia Cordova ’18, received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering this past May. As a student, Cordova was an active member of the Mines community, serving as a resident assistant for the Nucleus Scholar program—a community that supports and mentors first-generation college students—vice president of outreach for the Society of Women Engineers and more. Earlier this year, Cordova received a Martin Luther King Jr. Recognition Award for efforts in educating the Mines community on the benefits of having a diverse campus and for advocating for first-generation college student needs. Cordova recently sat down with...

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