Author: Karen Gilbert

Mines Study Reveals Earthquakes Can Jump

While studying a 7.1-magnitude intracontinental earthquake that occurred in Pakistan in 1997, assistant professor of geophysics Edwin Nissen, along with other researchers, discovered that earthquakes can “jump” between faults, a concept that was not previously thought possible. “Remote sensing and seismological observations of a recent earthquake in Pakistan highlighted an unexpected incidence of an earthquake rupture ‘jumping’ across a large gap between two faults,” said Nissen. “This has important implications for how we anticipate the size of future earthquakes, a significant question for the half the U.S. population (and for several hundred million people worldwide) who are at risk from damaging seismic shaking.” The earthquake was listed in published seismic catalogs as...

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Ryan Richards: Chemistry and Geochemistry Professor

Chemistry and Geochemistry professor Ryan Richards may not have expected his future to involve researching the interface of catalysis and nanoscale materials. But, he says, it turns out that interface is one of the most exciting areas of modern science, and it sits at the forefront of the quest for a sustainable future. “Catalysts facilitate chemical transformations from starting materials to products. For example, your catalytic converter transforms nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide into lesser environmental hazards,” says Richards, who directs the Materials Science Program at Mines. “The products of catalytic processes account for about 35 percent of the gross world product and fertilizers generated through the Haber catalytic process sustain...

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Mines Launches Earth Resources Institute

Colorado School of Mines has established the Earth Resources Institute (ERI), which will work to educate and inform policymakers and other stakeholders about pressing issues in the critical areas of earth, energy, and the environment. Through research and policy analysis, ERI will foster collaborative partnerships with established research institutions, universities, and government agencies around the world. ‘The vital mission of ERI at Mines is to inform and shape sound public policy with solutions-driven research, education, and outreach,’ said Mines President Bill Scoggins. ‘A policy institute such as this is a natural fit with Mines’ specialized expertise, and we have...

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Encana Internship Leads to Full-Time Employment

Senior petroleum engineering major Tyler Barela, of Trinidad, Colorado, spent 12 weeks during the summer of 2014 working as an intern at Denver’s Encana Energy. It was an experience that not only lent valuable corporate experience, but also landed him a job as a full time engineer upon graduation in 2015. Barela worked as a reservoir engineering intern as part of the Denver Julesberg Development Team, mentored by Raymond Priestley ’79, engineering advisor for Encana Corporation’s Western Operations (and CSMAA board member). ‘The advice I can offer to undergrads considering internships is put forth the effort to get industry...

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Melville F. Coolbaugh Memorial Senior Award: Brandon Tortorelli

Mines engineering physics student Brandon Tortorelli was recently awarded the CSMAA Melville F. Coolbaugh Memorial Senior Award. The award is a prestigious financial award given since 2007 in honor of former Mines President Melville F. Coolbaugh. It is awarded to a high-achieving student who demonstrates financial need and is graduating within the academic year. The recipient is perceived as being someone who will ‘make a positive contribution toward upholding the image and enhancing the reputation of Mines after graduation.’ Tortorelli, who (in addition to his academic load) is involved in the CSM Rocket Club, serves as an international student...

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