Author: Christina Vessa

A Lasting Showpiece: Guggenheim Hall’s legacy after more than 100 years on campus

With a radiant gold-leafed dome atop its bell tower, a terra-cotta roof and stone foundation, Guggenheim Hall has been a landmark at Mines for over 100 years. A structure that has housed events and classrooms, a public museum and a library over the years, Guggenheim Hall has evolved from an all-purpose building in the early 1900s to the iconic administrative space it is today. Back in 1905, Simon Guggenheim, a wealthy philanthropist with a passion for higher education, made a generous gift to Mines. His $90,000 donation—the largest private donation received by a Colorado public institution at the time—resulted...

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Three Questions with President Johnson

What advice do you have for new Mines graduates? Be confident that you are prepared for the real world. The skills and personal characteristics that led to your success at Mines—team work, hard work, creativity, leadership, persistence and resilience—are the same ones that will set you apart and set you up for success in your professional and personal lives. You are a Mines alumna/alumnus—you can tackle anything! What does being a Mines alumnus mean to you and how are alumni an important part of the Mines community? Having a Mines degree says a lot about an individual, and it instantly commands respect. Being...

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