Author: Bill Eckley

100 Years – Part 2

As in part I, our survey of the last five decades of Minesmagazine is generated with a broad brush: excerpts are only from those issues published in the first year of each decade. Complete text of every article referenced below may be read in the100 Year Archives, which include fully searchable PDF files comprising every issue of Mines magazine published during the first year of each decade since 1910 (108 issues; 5,000 pages). Part I of this article ended with the following, taken from the 50th Anniversary Issue of Mines magazine published in October 1960: The MINES Magazine has...

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100 Years

An independent publication of the Colorado School of Mines Alumni Association, The Colorado School of Mines Magazine cost 25 cents per copy or $1.50 per year in 1910, a price that held steady for more than 20 years. It measured 9 3/4 x 6 inches and was illustrated on the cover with a rose entwined with an oak leaf. There was only one photograph in the 18-page first edition: a stern image of the football coaching staff, athletic director and team captain. For the ensuing 60 years, The Colorado School of Mines Magazine served the dual purposes of keeping...

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